Month: October 2018

Eyelash Extension Gift Certificates – The Perfect Present For Any Lashaholic

Give the gift of long, gorgeous lashes at The Lash Spa in Varsity Lakes (Gold Coast’s Number One Rated Lash Salon with over 440+ 5 star reviews). Your loved one will be greeted with a refreshing iced-tea and Ferrero Rocher before they are treated to a luxury eyelash extension experience where their set of lashes are tailored to suit them … Read More

How To Get Kim Kardashian’s Signature Eyelashes

Kim Kardashian Lash Extensions

Eyelashes have been a huge factor in women’s beauty essentials since the ancient Egyptian times. But when it comes to modern eyelashes, no one can deny that the Kardashians have the most incredible lash style. In fact, most of our clients specifically want the Kim Kardashian look for their eyelash extensions. It’s the most requested style, with the natural look … Read More

Breaking through the Confusion Between Single and Volume Eyelash Extensions

Cats Eye Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

Every woman dreams of having long, thick, and fluttery eyelashes. This is why eyelash extensions have become all the rage, especially for women who want to make their makeup routine less stressful. Although there are a lot of places where you can get lash extensions, there are so many things to consider. Eyelash extensions have to be bonded right on … Read More

The Right Way To Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

Caring for Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have become the “must-have” beauty treatment nowadays. Not only is it extremely convenient (it shortens our makeup routines), it is also safe and can give you that pin-up girl glam if done correctly. Eyelash extensions can drastically change your appearance with a wide variety of options. I mean who wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning with … Read More

Can You Wear the Cat Eyelash Extension Style?

Cats Eye Lash Extensions

Sometimes, we fault ourselves into thinking, “Hey, I bet those cat eyelashes would look great on me.” The thing is, different eyelashes suit different types of eye shapes. Taking this into consideration, will wearing the cat eyelash extension style suit your eye shape and style? Let’s find out! Why Wear the Cat Eyelash Extension Style? The cat eyelash looks exactly … Read More