Month: May 2019

Our response to Eyelash Extension Warnings in the Media

Lash Extension Consultation

If you haven’t been a rock-dwelling creature for the last 5 years, you would have seen an exposè on the dangers of eyelash extensions either on as a video piece on the news or an online article. The piece is usually very one-sided and features a very sad, swollen pair of eyes and the words ‘DANGER’ and ‘WARNING’ splashed all … Read More

Why Eyelash Extension Consultations Are ESSENTIAL at The Lash Spa

but first lashes

Can you imagine walking into a hairdresser, saying hello and then sitting in the chair without telling the stylist what to do? They grab a pair of scissors and a bowl of colour and just start working. How weird would that be?? Well, this is exactly what’s happening in the lash industry! It’s extremely common practice for beauty salons to … Read More