Frequently Asked Questions

Certain questions get asked a lot so we've create a page where we explain those that come up the most

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There are certain question we get asked every single week, and sometimes every day, so we made this FAQ section to help explain things more easily.

Lash Extension FAQs
How Do I Take Care Of My Extensions?

After your first appointment, we’ll give you a bottle of our special Lash Spa cleanser – use it every 2-3 days to clean them thoroughly.

You should read through our full aftercare guide here (it’s a short read)

Make sure you don’t get them wet for at least 24 hours after application. This includes showering. If you do it will cause the bond of the glue to weaken and the extensions will fall out.

  • Don’t pull at them or rub your eyes.
  • Don’t use any products that contain oil. This means mascara, but also any facial cleaners or moisturisers – using these can loosen the bond of the glue.

Check out this video I made on lash aftercare to get the full scoop!

Q: I’ve never had eyelash extensions before – how do I know what to book in for?

A: The short answer, book in for a dreamy volume full set and we will have a consultation with you before we apply any lash extensions.

The longer answer:
It’s no trouble at all if you’ve never had eyelash extensions and are unsure what to select. Your lash specialist will sit down with you over a glass of lychee iced tea or sparkling Rose and chat about your lash goals.

To determine your perfect lash look, we’ll ask about things such as:
  • How you spend your time (swimming, working in a professional setting, are you on holidays and so forth)
  • How much makeup do you wear day-to-day?
  • If you have any special events coming up that the lashes are for?
  • How long you plan to keep the extensions for?
  • Do you have a particular style in mind e.g. cat eye, doll eye etc

We have visual aids and infographics so everything is explained in depth. You will feel safe and confident in the recommendation our therapist makes for you.

The easiest thing to do is book in for a ‘Dreamy Volume Full Set’ and we’ll go from there. Ensure you add one of our signature brow services to complete the transformation!

Q: I’ve heard eyelash extensions can cause damage to my natural lashes – is this true?

A: The short answer is yes but not to clients of The Lash Spa. Our methods are safe and ensure no damage ever occurs to your natural lashes.

The longer answer:
It is no secret that many unqualified and unskilled lash artists are in operation using poor quality products. Incorrect lash application does cause damage to your natural lashes and we see this work on a daily basis on our “lash rescue” clients.

What is “Lash Rescue” – These are clients who have been elsewhere and suspect there is clumping, excess glue, irritation or other lash issues with their current extensions. 

Clients come to The Lash Spa because of our stellar reputation in the lash industry. Lash artists must have a high level of skill and are given further strict training before working with clients to ensure the lash health of our clientele is maintained.

We ask our clients to trust our opinion and collaborate with us to ensure we achieve your goals without damage. For example, mature clients or those with naturally thin and weak lashes are not advised to wear a max volume set of lashes. This can be hard to accept when your heart is set on it, but we will always be honest and upfront with what we can achieve for our clients and ensure we are on the same page before proceeding.

From time to time we recommend products such as growth serum if it will help achieve your long term lash goals (we stock eyenvy). Feel free to ask your lash professional as many questions as you like. Our team has a passion for eyelash extensions and we love sharing our knowledge with you! 

Q: How do you have so many five star reviews in comparison to other salons?

We estimate that for every beautiful client experience we provide, only 1 out of every 20 clients take the time to leave a review online. We have pampered thousands of Gold Coast women and meet 80% of our clients from word of mouth. It is a very powerful tool in the beauty industry and we are so thrilled that clients love our service so much!

A few key points that keep clients coming back for more:

Every 15th booking is FREE – Our generous rewards program will allow you to accumulate points for every dollar spent in salon. You’ll be automatically signed up to our ‘treat card’ program on your first visit with us. You’ll be surprised with how quickly these points accumulate. We love rewarding your loyalty and endeavour to show gratitude wherever we can.

Private Treatment Suites – As part of our day spa experience, all of our treatments are performed in private treatment suites. These suites are beautifully decorated with dried florals, velvet-lined walls, spa music and divine salon scents. There’s a seating area and dimmable lights in each suite where you can relax and enjoy your lychee tea.

5 Star Customer Service – There’s always a friendly smiling face to greet you in our lounge area who will offer you a glass of bubbles or a lychee iced tea while you relax and unwind before your treatment. Our beautiful salon coordinators always have one thing in common..their genuine, down to earth personalities. They go above and beyond to ensure clients are treated like royalty. You’ll be offered treats from our marble biscuit bar or can help yourself to a refreshing cucumber water – we even get the door for you on your way out.

We offer flexible appointments and you can book 24/7 – We have our own booking app which you can find in your app store. Simply search ‘The Lash Spa’ and install on your phone. The app allows you to view team member profiles, make new bookings and reschedule with ease.

Gold Star Hygiene Practices – Our tools and instruments for every treatment are triple-sterilised. We have multiple UV sterilisers in our team room where instruments are stored.

Step One: Hospital-grade disinfectant
Step Two: Submersion in boiling water
Step Three: UV sterilisation

Tools are never ever reused. Hands are disinfected before commencing any treatment and therapists always wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth.

Linen is also changed between each client – our salon is equipped to handle our heavy laundry load with two eco-friendly washing machines and two dryers. You’ll notice multiple baskets of linen under your treatment table when you come to your booking.

We keep our treatment rooms in pristine condition and even touch up the paint in the salon weekly. The Lash Spa doesn’t do anything half-heartedly!

Fast lash application – We invest in highly skilled team members by paying above-award wages and creating a harmonious work environment – I is a requirement our lash artists can complete a full set of eyelash extensions in 60 minutes with precise application. 

Our salon is incredibly organised with a plethora of stock in each room to ensure none of your treatment time is ever wasted.

We understand you don’t want to lay down for up to 3 hours for a set of lashes and neither do we! We respect your time and have many clients who visit us in their lunch breaks. Appointments always run on time and if there’s any hiccups with our schedule, you will receive a call to notify you. 

Customisable experience – When you arrive for your booking you will be asked exactly how you want the experience to be. From complimentary ring clean, to optional hot towel ritual, to whether you’d prefer a blanket or not. We’ve got you covered! 

Q: How do I look after my lash extensions?

A: This will all be explained at your appointment by one of our beautiful lash artists. You’ll be given a cute pink goodie bag with a foaming lash shampoo and instructions on how to cleanse your lashes.

Q: What other services do you offer?

A: We keep our treatment menu limited to ensure the highest standard of service. Here’s what we offer:

Q: How long do eyelash extensions last?

This varies on how long your natural lashes will last (we humans lose and regrow eyelashes constantly) – But as a general rule they last around 4 weeks.

If you’d like to keep your eyelash extensions indefinitely, you can maintain them by coming in for “infills” every 2-4 weeks.

An infill is a touch-up appointment to refresh your extensions and make them look brand new again. It doesn’t take as long or cost as much as the original set – it simply replaces the lashes that have fallen out over time so that your extensions always look perfect.
Some clients love visiting us so much that they book in weekly! We have a ‘one week touch up’ option for these ladies and love our weekly regulars.

Q: How do I prepare for my appointment?

Please arrive to your booking 10 minutes early to unwind and fill out our client form over a glass of bubbles or iced tea. You must arrive to your appointment without any eye makeup on – If you’re a regular mascara wearer, please give your lashes a deep clean at home – doing it in salon takes time which isn’t built into your appointment.

Also, ensure you don’t need to go swimming or in a spa/sauna for at least 24 hours after the appointment – worth mentioning here in case you need to wash hair.

Q: How do I book in?

The easiest way to book is by jumping onto our online booking or downloading our app by searching ‘The Lash Spa’ in your app store. If you have any difficulties or prefer to chat to someone, you can call the salon during business hours and chat with one of our friendly coordinators.

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