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Creating perfectly styled brows with the latest brow lamination techniques by master artists

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Transform Your Brows

Brow lamination has become a must-have beauty treatment for those seeking thicker, fuller and more voluminous eyebrows.

The Lash Spa is excited to announce we are now offering this revolutionary brow technique to Gold Coast ladies seeking that feathery full-browed supermodel look. A brow lamination treatment takes around 30 minutes with a result that can last 6 weeks. Choose to pair the treatment with other services that will complete the look such as a shape with hot wax or a brow tint to add colour and definition.

brow lamination Gold Coast

How does brow lamination work?

Imagine a lash lift or a hair perm – it’s a similar process where the brow hairs are restructured to keep them in the desired shape.

We start by cleaning the brows and then a special perming solution – the hair is then set with a lamination film and left to process while you relax and unwind on our comfy treatment table. You’ll be tucked into a cosy blanket throughout the treatment – it’s completely pain-free and quite soothing. The perming solution is removed and then another finishing solution is applied and lamination film applied.

Your lash spa therapist will stay with you throughout the treatment and check the progress of the brows.

Is it for me?

This treatment is perfect for anyone who has brow hairs that grow in irregular directions or have natural gaps. A fuller appearance is created by “setting” the hairs how we’d like them to stay using a perming solution.

The result is tailored to suit you and your lifestyle/profession. We always take these factors into consideration before performing any beauty treatment whether it be lash extensions or brow lamination.  From subtle to extreme…we’ve got your needs covered.

Brow Lamination
How do I decide what type of brow look to get?

This is something you don’t need to know ahead of time and we can figure out together during the consultation portion of your treatment. At The Lash Spa, you are invited into your own private treatment suite where your skilled therapist will chat with you over a lychee iced tea to figure out your brow goals and collaborate together on a plan to achieve them.

For more of an obvious “laminated brow” look, we would brush the hairs completely vertical – this looks sensational on those lucky enough to have thick bushy brows. Instant glow-up!

To achieve a more natural result, we would brush the hairs in a more subtle way to still boost the fullness but not look too obvious.

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