Eyelash Extension After Care

Caring for your new set of eyelash extensions will ensure that they last as long as possible while looking amazing the entire time. It’s not difficult at all, and it’s more of a few things you should avoid rather than things you have to do. So watch the video above where I explain everything 🙂

If you can’t watch the video, then here are some of the care instructions:

Don’t Get Them Wet For At LEAST 24 Hours

In that 24 hour period the glue is still properly drying – even though it seems totally solid right away it’s actually still curing, and getting the lashes wet or even around high humidity (such as in the shower or standing over a boiling pot of pasta) could loosen the bond and cause your extensions to fall off faster than normal.

Ideally, you would keep them dry for a full 48 hours just to be 100% sure the glue has dried, but 24 is usually sufficient if you can’t wait any longer. Because of this, we recommend showering before your appointment.

Keep Them Clean

After your lash application at The Lash Spa, we’ll give you a goodie bag that includes a foaming lash cleanser. Use this every few days to keep your lashes nice and clean, and to remove any excess oils that may have built up on your extensions… which brings me to the next point…

Keep Them Away From Oil

Oil is another thing that can break down the bond of the lash glue more rapidly than it should. It can be surprising how much of the facial products you use contain oils, so read the labels carefully. Things like moisturisers are obvious, but even facial cleansers and your natural oils can get onto the lashes and weaken the glue.