Month: September 2019

Are Eyelash Extensions Harmful?

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe

If you’re considering having eyelash extensions applied for the first time, you may have come across some news articles that look very scary. These articles feature women with swollen, puffy eyes and look terribly uncomfortable. When you come across these articles, it’s important to remember that these are extremely rare allergic reactions that do not at all represent the safety … Read More

Why We Love Meeting Clients With Damaged Lashes

Lash Extension Consultation

Okay, I know that the headline of this article sounds pretty weird but if you hear me out for a second, you’ll see why we love meeting clients with damaged lashes. The client has seen the light… FIRSTLY, we’re happy that they’ve finally realised that their old salon was causing damage to their precious natural lashes. We love having the … Read More

Showering With Eyelash Extensions

Showering With Eyelash Extensions

One of the questions we hear the most at The Lash Spa is “how soon can I shower?” and “can I get them wet”? If you’ve stumbled across this article and have the same question, stick around and you’ll learn everything you need to know about showering with eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions by The Lash Spa in Varsity Lakes

As most of you already know, we have just relocated to a completely revamped salon in Varsity Lakes! As soon as you walk through the doors into our tranquil reception area, you’ll notice the vintage, custom made, London-style phone booth situated in front of our signature flower wall (every instagramer’s dream). Don’t be shy! We highly encourage all clients to … Read More

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

eyelash extensions safe

It occurred to me that after having this blog up and running for so long and being in the industry since 2011 – I have never answered the question ‘are eyelash extensions safe?’ In such a black and white way before. The simple answer is yes. Eyelash extensions are extremely safe and if you continue reading – I’ve broken it … Read More