Eyelash Extensions Infographics

The Different Types of Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions can be massively different depending on the type of lash use, the length, the curl, the quantity, and the technician who applies them. After being in the eyelash extension industry since 2011 I’ve seen just about everything. From women coming to me to remove the work of other businesses who used the wrong kind of glue, or just … Read More

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Lashes

If you’ve been getting eyelash extensions for a while you’ll know that there’s a natural limitation on what can be done because you only have a certain number of eyelashes. We can add an extension to every single lash, but if you’ve only got 100 lashes, we can’t somehow give you 200 lash extensions to make your eyelashes look thicker … Read More

What Are The Most Popular Eyelash Extension Styles?

Lash Styles Explanation

What better way to show you which eyelash extension styles are most popular right now than with an infographic? This should give you a better idea of the lash style you’re looking for before making an appointment, but we’ll still have a chat when you arrive to decide exactly what lash style will perfectly suit your style, eye and face … Read More