Month: September 2017

The Top 5 Eyelash Extension Styles (Kim Kardashian, Doll Eye…)

Natural Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

Eyelash Extensions aren’t a “one size fits all” beauty treatment..speaking of beauty treatment. Side note: make sure you check out the complimentary under-eye collagen treatment all my clients get! There’s a process called ‘lash mapping’ that helps techs create the exact lash look that you’re after. As a master stylist, I can take one look at your eye shape and let … Read More

Lash Extension Horror Story

[Disclaimer: This is a lash extension horror story that happened at another salon – not at The Lash Spa! Check out our google reviews here.] Lash extension horror story: You guys are loving these lash extension horror stories, aren’t you? Thankfully this is a story that happened overseas so chances are you’re probably going to be safe in Australia. I have … Read More

How To Keep Your Eyelash Extensions Clean

South East Queensland lash extensions

It’s funny how when most clients hear “don’t get your lashes wet in the first 24 hours and don’t use oil-based makeup remover”…they hear “don’t wet your lashes or they’ll fall off”. There’s a big misconception in the lash industry that you’re not supposed to touch your lash extensions once they’re on. The worst thing you can do for the … Read More

Eyelash Extension Horror Story – buyer beware

Want to read a hilarious eyelash extension horror story? NOTE: This story did not happen at The Lash Spa!  Some people run a mile when they hear that a beauty business is being from a house and I can totally understand why. I’ve heard some really terrible stories of home beauty salons and here’s the one I tell the most… … Read More

Complimentary Anti-wrinkle Eye Regeneration Treatment With Your Lashes

“This is the ultimate under-eye pick me up. I use a similar under-eye patch at home when I don’t get enough sleep or have dark circles under my eyes. I can never lay still for 60 minutes with my two little ones running around at home so normally just do 10 minutes before bed. The difference after 60 minutes at … Read More

“I was looking for eyelash extensions near me”

“I was searching for eyelash extensions near me” I just recently moved to the Gold Coast and was looking for eyelash extensions near me. I am so happy that I found Melissa from The Lash spa! It’s always scary finding beauty therapist in a new city and because I am from Sydney where eyelash extensions are so popular – I … Read More