Month: February 2018

How To Choose An Eyelash Extension Style To Suit Your Eye Shape

If you’ve ever found yourself watching endless makeup tutorials online, you’re not alone… It happens to the best of us. YouTube binge aside, you’ll have noticed a trending topic about ‘eye shape’. These are makeup looks that suit your natural eye shape, by accentuating different areas. From making the eye look more open to highlighting a certain feature – different … Read More

3 Tips To Find Natural Eyelash Extensions From a Lash Technician

Natural Eyelash Extensions

Are you a fan of Natural Eyelash Extensions? What I mean are lashes that look good. Not over the top, or too thick, or too long, or heavy and on that ‘extreme’ end of the “lash extension spectrum”… But lashes that simply look like you’ve been blessed with naturally long and full lashes. That makes your eyes look fantastic, yet … Read More