Month: July 2019

Can I Go To The Gym With Eyelash Extensions?

Going to the gym with your eyelash extensions is generally safe and won’t affect the longevity of your lashes… However, there are always exceptions to every rule and we want to dive a little deeper into the topic! Can you go to the gym with eyelash extensions? The answer is YES and NO. What the what? Keep reading… No, you … Read More

What’s the Minimum Age For Eyelash Extensions?

Lash Extensions for minor under 18

Are you under 18 and wondering what the minimum age for eyelash extensions is? Technically there are no laws around eyelash extensions in Australia and the minimum age for applying them. However, we go by what our public liability insurance company says and follow their rules. At The Lash Spa, we strictly do not apply eyelash extensions to anyone under … Read More

Why We’re So Obsessed With Sterilising Our Lash Tools

sterilised lash salon

If you ever arrive to your Lash Spa appointment slightly early, you’ll notice that between every client we have a few practices that we NEVER skip doing… The first is… Changing the head linen between each client At The Lash Spa, we are obsessed with hygiene and think it’s just plain wrong when you go somewhere for a treatment and … Read More