Month: November 2018

Can I Still Go To The Beach With Eyelash Extensions?

beach with eyelash extensions

Are you visiting the Gold Coast and thinking about having eyelash extensions applied? You probably don’t want to sacrifice a magical day at the beach with your friends and family to treat yourself to some pretty new lashes… Here’s the good news! You can get eyelash extensions and go to the beach on the same day. Here’s what you need … Read More

“I accidentally got my new eyelash extensions wet – what should I do?”

eyelash extensions shower

We’ve ALL been there before. You have a sparkly new set of gorgeous lash extensions and out of habit you’ve hopped in the shower and exposed them to steam. Or worse, you’ve popped your head straight under the shower jet, soaking your new lashes! Don’t stress – this happens all the time. The main thing is to make sure you … Read More

How Long Will It Take For My Brows to Grow Back?

Gold Coast Eyebrows

Are you sitting there reading this article with a set of disappointing brows weighing you down? Admit it…you cheaped out and went somewhere a little bit dodgy to save a few pennies. You laid down, closed your eyes and hoped for the best…eyebrow waxing is pretty easy, right? It will all be ok….right?? You opened your eyes, looked in the … Read More

Why Longer Lash Appointments Don’t Always Mean Better Lashes

Hi this is Melissa from The Lash Spa and today I wanted to talk to you about why longer lash appointments don’t always mean better lashes! The number one reason why longer lash appointments don’t always mean better lashes is due to application time (the time it takes for the technician to place a lash extension on your natural lash). When … Read More

Where to buy Latisse in Australia?

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with lashes… At The Lash Spa, we’re always on the hunt for serums that can boost lash growth, increase lash length or repair damaged lashes. We’ve tried a few, however, have only seen proven results with one lash conditioner. Read on to find out which serum actually works. You may have heard people raving … Read More

Read This If You’re On The Hunt For The Best Brows on The Gold Coast

best eyebrow sculpting gold coast

Where to get the best brows on the Gold Coast? If you’re an eyebrow fan (who isn’t these days?) and on the hunt for the best brows on the Gold Coast – then this article is a must-read! At The Lash Spa, we believe in brow symmetry and love a full, thick brow that is bold but not over-the-top. We’ve … Read More