Month: August 2018

Is Becoming a Regular Lash Extensions Client Worth It? You Bet It is!

Lash Extensions Before After

We’ve all had our fair share of frustration on how our eyelashes look. Some may have been gifted with long, thick lashes, but most of the people I know would still slather mascara like there’s no tomorrow just to get that wide-eyed look. This is why lash extensions are truly a godsend. Imagine waking up, ready to go without having … Read More

Eyelash Extension Red Flags: Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

Very Long Eyelash Extensions

There’s a reason eyelash extensions are so popular  – they give your face an amazing glow even without makeup. Plus they make your beautiful eyes pop! For the most part, people won’t complain about the application nor the days after. At least, not our clients. In fact, many Lash Spa clients find themselves getting sleepy in the process, with some … Read More