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“I was searching for eyelash extensions near me”

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I just recently moved to the Gold Coast and was looking for eyelash extensions near me. I am so happy that I found Melissa from The Lash spa!

It’s always scary finding beauty therapist in a new city and because I am from Sydney where eyelash extensions are so popular – I had no idea who to trust or where to go. After doing a bit of research online and reading all the reviews about Melissa and the lash spa, I was pretty confident that the results were going to be good.

I felt comfortable for the moment I stepped into her cute little home studio. Everything was immaculately clean so I knew there was no chance of getting some weird eye infection or something. I also love the way the room is set up to feel like a day spa.

I wanted a little bit more of a dramatic look than some of the natural sets that were available. I decided to go for the “doll eye look”. The process itself is really relaxing and I even fell asleep while the extensions were being put on. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of getting glue in your eye or your lashes sticking to the tweezers. That never happens at the lash spa.

They looked amazing. All my friends have complimented me – even my boyfriend noticed something is different and that’s saying something. 

Because the lash spa is near me I’m now a regular customer. I book in for infills every 3 and a half weeks. I’ve also sent dozens of clients Melissa’s way which now I kind of regret because she’s pretty booked out already lol.

Thanks so much, Melissa I will recommend you to all of my colleagues and friends when they ask about my lashes. So happy that my favourite lash tech lives around the corner so I can always get eyelash extensions near me!