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Russian Volume Lashes

If you’ve been getting eyelash extensions for a while you’ll know that there’s a natural limitation on what can be done because you only have a certain number of eyelashes. We can add an extension to every single lash, but if you’ve only got 100 lashes, we can’t somehow give you 200 lash extensions to make your eyelashes look thicker – otherwise, we’d be sticking lashes on top of lashes…

Until recently when Russian volume lashes were introduced into the Australian market. These lashes first became popular among Russian women where the trend leant more and more towards thick, voluminous lashes that make your eyes look bigger yet don’t look obviously fake.

The Difference

The way they work is not by clumping multiple lashes onto one of your own natural eyelashes, but by taking a single mink lash and splitting it into 2 or more parts, so the weight of that lash extension stays exactly the same meaning your eyelids don’t start to feel heavy, and they don’t cause your natural lashes to fall out any sooner than they naturally would.

The result is that adding 100 of these Russian volume lash extensions will give the effect of having 200 to 600 eyelashes (depending on your choice from 2D all the way to 6D).

However please be aware that these lashes take much more precision to apply correctly so a lash technician with at least 3 years experience is recommended to ensure no damage to your natural lashes as well as a longer-lasting extension period.

To more clearly show the differences between the types of Russian volume extensions I’ve created an infographic showing 2D all the way up to 6D lashes (below)

If you’re interested in booking an appointment to get your set then click here. Usually, a combination of many types of Russian volume lashes will look best with more 4D to 5D lashes towards the centre of your lash, fading to more  2D and 3D lashes toward both ends. We can discuss the look you want to achieve during your appointment or you can contact me here with any questions.

russian volume lash extensions infographic