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Lash Styles Explained

Eyelash extensions can be massively different depending on the type of lash use, the length, the curl, the quantity, and the technician who applies them.

After being in the eyelash extension industry since 2011 I’ve seen just about everything. From women coming to me to remove the work of other businesses who used the wrong kind of glue, or just too much glue, all the way to lash extensions that simply didn’t suit the client and had to be removed and reapplied.

That’s why I always start each appointment by asking a few questions to figure out exactly what type of eyelash extensions you’ll be most happy with – not just the type I personally like on my own eye because everyone is so different!

So here’s an infographic I put together to show a few different types of lash extensions. If you’ve got any questions please send me a message…

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eyelash extension types infographic