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Eyelash extensions have become the “must-have” beauty treatment nowadays. Not only is it extremely convenient (it shortens our makeup routines), it is also safe and can give you that pin-up girl glam if done correctly.

lash extension cleaning

Eyelash extensions can drastically change your appearance with a wide variety of options. I mean who wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning with full lashes that require no mascara?

However, while eyelash extensions are fuss-free for the most part, there is still some maintenance work to be done in order to keep those lashes in great condition. 

One question that I normally get asked is if it is really necessary to clean them. Since eyelash extensions fall off eventually, people are usually hesitant to do some cleaning as they feel this would shorten the lifespan of their beautiful new lashes. 

Now, this is something that I am more than happy to clear up with my customers because proper lash maintenance is the best way to make sure that your lashes stay fabulous the longest time possible.

Do Eyelash Extensions Really Need To Be Cleaned?

My initial answer?

It really depends on how serious you are about keeping your lashes beautiful. If you would like your eyelash extension to last longer, then the answer is a resounding yes!

You see, oils are going to be your biggest enemy when it comes to keeping your eyelash extensions in tip-top shape. Oils (yes, even the kind your body naturally produces) can cause the glue used on your lashes to soften and then clump up. Keeping it oil-free will help keep your eyelashes looking soft and will make them last longer. 

Eyelash extensions can also attract bacteria and mites. This can cause itching around your eye area. While not life-threatening, this can be quite an irritant and can cause redness. Regular cleaning of your eyelash extensions helps keep it bacteria-free. Doing it every couple of days should do the trick.

How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

The cleanser you use is the key.

Eyelash Extension Foaming Cleanser

Start by looking for a cleanser that is glycol- and oil-free. A good cleanser can also act as a makeup remover if you are looking to hit two birds with one stone.

Carefully remove all the makeup that you put around your eyes. Don’t touch the lashes yet as they will need a bit of special attention.

Now, get some good old cotton tips and dip it in some of your eyelash extension cleanser. Gently wipe that along your lashes starting from the roots going towards the end of the eyelash. Repeat until all your eyelashes have been covered. Then, take a clean, dry cotton tip and gently dry your eyelash extensions using the same pattern as to when you were cleaning it.

Do this 2-3 times a week.

Keep Those Lashes Clean And FabulousEyelash extensions are a cost-effective and time-saving beauty saviour. As an added bonus, keeping it clean helps make it last longer and look more beautiful. Just follow the steps above and you can definitely maximize your wonderful beauty investment.