Breaking through the Confusion Between Single and Volume Eyelash Extensions

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Every woman dreams of having long, thick, and fluttery eyelashes. This is why eyelash extensions have become all the rage, especially for women who want to make their makeup routine less stressful.

Although there are a lot of places where you can get lash extensions, there are so many things to consider. Eyelash extensions have to be bonded right on your real lashes, or else, they fall off quickly. Using the wrong kind of glue or putting too much of it could also irritate your eyes or damage your natural eyelashes. Something this complicated calls for professional work.

Here at The Lash Spa, we offer different kinds of eyelash extensions to give you those dreamy lashes you’ve always dreamed of. Most inquiries we get involve the choice between single and volume eyelash extensions.

Although individual eyelash extensions may be your first option, there are a lot of variables to be considered. It could actually damage your original eyelashes when they are not professionally applied.

The good news is, you have another option to consider – volume eyelash extensions.

What to Expect from Single Eyelash Extensions

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One thing anyone wants when they get eyelash extensions is to see that the lashes look and feel natural. This could be a problem with single lash extensions.

Individual eyelash extensions, also called classic eyelash extensions or single lash extensions, are applied one by one on each of your original eyelashes. It is time-consuming and can also be a bit cumbersome.

We do use single lashes here at The Lash Spa, but it’s mostly done to create some variation in the lashes. This makes the end product look more natural compared to having lashes that are too equally-spaced.

What Are Volume Eyelash Extensions?

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Volume lash extensions are a godsend for women who want amazing lashes that still look natural. The application procedure requires mink or silk eyelash extensions using a different application method, resulting in lashes that feel soft and light but show amazing volume.

They are meant to naturally curl upwards, with about 200 eyelashes for every eye. They are also known for being the longest-lasting of all eyelash extensions.

The Differences Between Single and Volume Eyelash Extensions

Single eyelash extensions can give you that freshly-applied-mascara look. This means that every individual eyelash is thicker than volume lashes in terms of diameter.

For women who have short natural eyelashes, they can only achieve so much by using the classic eyelash extensions. But with volume extensions, the effect can be considered awe-inspiring.

The classic eyelash extensions are great for those who already have full lashes but would like to add a bit more volume, or maybe a bit of variety. And as mentioned earlier, single lashes can be a great addition to volume lashes to make them look more natural.

Volume eyelash extensions, on the other hand, are great for those who have natural eyelashes that are sparse, overly fine, or weak. It can really be the ultimate solution that brings the kind of volume no kind of mascara can bring.