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Lash Spa TreatCard Reward Program Changes

Our Treatcard program has been designed to reward regular clients with free salon services – it basically works in the same way a coffee card works at your local cafe – you collect a certain number of points at each appointment based on your spend, and then once you’ve got enough points you’re able to redeem those from one of … Read More

Can you Wear Strip Lashes on Eyelash Extensions?

Can you wear strip lashes with extensions

Whether you have a costume party or special occasion coming up, sometimes it can be tempting to wear strip lashes on top of your eyelash extensions for a more dramatic look. As qualified lash artists, we strongly recommend you avoid doing this.  But first, what are strip lashes? Strip lashes are a horizontal line of lashes attached to a fabric … Read More

How to take care of your eyelash extensions in summer

summer eyelash extensions care

Summer is right around the corner! It’s the season of beach days, pool parties, sunset BBQs and beautiful balmy weather. Your social calendar is generally more full during the festive season which makes eyelash extensions an absolute must for summer. With full luscious lashes, you’ll be ready to face the day with minimal effort! Keep reading for our top tips … Read More

Guylashes: eyelash extensions for men

Should you take a break from eyelash extensions

Everyone has eyelashes and great looking lashes change your face for the better, regardless of your gender. We’ve seen an increase in the amount of male clients visiting us at The Lash Spa and it’s not hard to see why –  eyelash extensions frame the face and define your eyes. Celebrities such as Russell Brand and Johnny Depp have been … Read More

How to clean lash extensions at home – and why it’s important!

how to clean eyelash extensions

We pay so much attention to washing our hair, cleansing our face and moisturising our body – but one thing that often gets forgotten is eyelashes. If you think about it, your eyelashes do a lot of heavy lifting! They protect your eyes from airborne dust, lint and other debris. They act like a filter for your eyes and like … Read More

Updated Pricing From September

At The Lash Spa we’re known for the premium lash extensions experience we provide to women on the Gold Coast and if you’ve been a client you’ll know some of the ways we do that… Using the highest quality lashes, glues tools and other products available on the market (which aren’t cheap) Having staff who are paid much higher than … Read More

Eyelash Extensions for Professionals – Our Corporate Chic Set

Corporate lash extensions

You want beautiful eyelash extensions for an event but by the time Monday rolls around, you fear they’re too much in a corporate environment… Introducing our Corporate Chic set! Many of our Lash Spa clients work in a busy, corporate environment from lawyers to CEOs and everything in between. Sometimes they’re after a more subtle lash look which is why … Read More

Eyelash extensions for your wedding day

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting events to plan! All of your loved ones in the same room celebrating love… it’s pure magic. You’ve probably already chosen your wedding venue, your dream dress and worked out the guest list – so now it’s time to plan your beauty appointments for the big day. Lots of women opt … Read More

Can I Wear Makeup With Eyelash Extensions

oil free makeup for lash extensions

The beauty of eyelash extensions is that they make you feel dressed up without wearing any makeup at all. However, many of our clients ask if they can wear makeup with their eyelash extensions and the answer is yes, of course! You just need to be mindful of the products you’re using in order to help your lashes stay on … Read More

8 Tips For Better Lash Extension Retention

lash sleep mask to protect extensions

If you’re as obsessed with eyelash extensions as we are, you’ll be the kind of person who notices them on everyone you meet… And some people seem to have better eyelash extension retention than others. Well, we’re happy to tell you that there are a few key reasons why their lashes last longer. If you follow these top 8 tips, … Read More