lash Spa Price Increase for 2022

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We’re proud of our salon and the services we offer to our beautiful clients. In order to continue providing the same luxury lashes, brows and beauty services that we all know and love, we will have to increase our prices from Monday August 29th 2022.

Many of our services will increase in price by just $5, some by a little more and some will remain exactly the same as they are now.

Why are we rising prices? Over the past 5 years, our costs have risen across the board and now we can no longer absorb them all. We have worked extremely hard to avoid passing on the increased cost of products, freight, electricity, wages, superannuation, rising rents and more. At the same time as the rising costs, we’ve also dramatically improved the quality and experience of our treatments for our beautiful clients – from heated treatment tables and humidity controls to ensure perfect bonding of eyelash extensions.  

We always strive to be completely transparent with our loyal clients as to us they feel like family. What won’t change is our dedication to providing the highest quality lashes and brows in the most luxurious lash salon in Australia. We value your ongoing support of The Lash Spa and we look forward to seeing you in the salon soon.