Layering Produces Rooted Plants

You need a pliant cane to root a portion of it in the ground. Bend it over. Cut one third to one half of the way through the cane, just below a bud eye. If the cut tends to shut, insert a small pebble, bean, or sliver of wood.

Has the earth prepared at the spot you intend to use? Pull the cane down, and bury the cut portion in the soil, so that it is well-covered. Say, four inches of soil. Any less, and it will dry out. The end of the cane will be above the soil; you may want to tie it to support. Place a rock, or brick over the covered portion, to hold it under the soil. Water regularly enough to be sure the soil does not dry out. Wait a month or two, before checking for roots.

When roots have formed, cut off the piece with roots included. You may need to cut the remaining portion of the cane back to a bud eye so that it will not die back.