Eyelash Extensions? Go for Value, Not Price

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When it comes to eyelashes, the question shouldn’t be, “How much is it?”

Rather, you should be asking, “Is it worth it?”

A client came in asking for a full lash extension removal. She had another salon put in the extensions for her, simply because she wanted to take advantage of a great deal. Who wouldn’t want to get great lashes at a low price, right?

Bad Eyelash Extensions

But as the client realized, the low price just wasn’t worth it. She ended up with a cheap set of lashes that were horribly applied. She asked us to remove it for her because she was too embarrassed to go back to the other salon. It took us over an hour just to get the lashes off.

Because she focused too much on the low price, she ended up paying more.

We get it. You want to look fabulous without leaving yourself bankrupt. But if this is your ultimate goal, you have to look at the VALUE, not just the PRICE.

Why is price shopping a no-no when it comes to eyelash extensions?

You get cheap materials vs. quality ones

One basis for any product’s price point is quality. There’s a reason why some eyelash extensions are cheaper. Most of the time, it’s also because the materials they use are also cheap.

When shopping around for eyelash extensions, check on the materials as well, and not just the price.

Quality lashes appear more natural than their cheaper counterparts. Cheap lashes scream “synthetic” from a mile away. When you pay for quality lashes, people only notice that your eyes are brighter, but will not suspect right away that you’ve had anything done.

Even the quality of the glue used on your lashes matter. Quality glue meant for quality lashes stick even with just a minimal amount. Cheaper glue would require lash technicians to use more.

You work with amateurs vs. experienced and trained professionals

Bad VS Good Lash Extensions

The process of applying eyelash extensions is no piece of cake. It takes a lot of training and experience to get things right.

Part of the price you pay goes into the amount of investment lash technicians have poured into honing their craft. If they demand less, you have to start wondering how much they have truly invested in their own craft.

After-care is also extremely important. This ensures that you maximize your investment. More often than not, salons that charge cheaper do not really educate you on how to care for your extensions after you leave their shop.

Price shopping and going for the lowest price opens you up to the risk of working with amateurs instead of professionals. This means that they may not be as knowledgeable not only when it comes to the right way of attaching lashes, but also on safety and precautionary procedures.

You open yourself up to safety risks

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is highly sensitive? This is why the materials used in the process of giving you fuller lashes matter.

Highly-synthetic and rough materials used for lash extensions could cause your existing lashes to fall out. They could also scratch the skin around your eyes. Plus, can you imagine what’s gonna happen if one of those cheap lashes fall and go straight into your eyes?

Eyelash Extension Risks

The ingredients used in the glue should also be safe. Regular glue is already made up of chemicals that are, by default, harmful to the skin on other parts of your body. What more if you were to use this glue around your eyes?

The glue used on lash extensions is made of ingredients meant for sensitive parts of the body. And because its cost is higher compared to other types of glue, this is something you may not be getting with your service if you go for the cheaper options.

Let’s also remember that cheap glue would require you to put more for it to work. This means that removing the lashes, later on, could prove to be even more irritating to the skin.

You end up spending more, instead of saving more

What happens when the lash job is botched? You have to pay more to get rid of the old lashes and pay again to get better ones somewhere else.

You may also end up discovering more problems later on, like skin irritation, or worse, eye irritation. The costs that come with solving problems like these are, as we all know, really high.

My advice? Don’t risk it.

Value is always more important than price – and of course, it seems like I’d say that as the owner of the Lash Spa, but it really is a valuable life lesson 🙂