Why Do My Lash Extensions Fall Out Faster On One Eye?

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It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world of lash extensions or have been getting them for a decade – at some point, you’ll find that your lash extensions seem to be falling out faster on one eye.

The answer isn’t black and white as to why this happens and if you keep reading you’ll see why!

There are two possible reasons that your eyelash extensions are shedding faster on one eye than the other…

You’re a side sleeper

Have you noticed a link between the side you sleep on and the faster lash loss?

When we sleep we regularly toss and turn, this causes your extensions to rub on your pillow and can cause lash extension fall.

To combat this problem, invest in a contoured sleep mask called an ‘Eye Bra’ or 3d lash mask for eyelash extensions. We have kept the cost of these masks right down so every one of our clients can afford to buy one and protect their lashes.

contoured lash sleep mask

For Australians reading this, contact us if you’d like to place an order for one of our eye bras. We’re happy to post one to you! The price is $15 AUD + postage.

Your lash shedding cycle

Our lashes don’t always shed evenly. You probably already know that we are constantly shedding and regrowing our natural lashes. When this happens, it’s not always a case of even shedding on both eyes.

It’s common to have uneven shedding which means that one eye loses lashes faster than the other. The problem can seem heightened when you go to your infill appointment and get extra attention from your lash artist on the side that lost the most extensions.

You may go home after your infill and notice that the OTHER eye seems to be shedding faster – it’s purely because you have older lash extensions and natural lashes on that other eye now.

Eyelash Extensions Shedding

We try our best to infill lashes to look completely even but if you’re someone who is forever battling uneven shedding the solution is simple – get your infill more regularly (e.g. at the two-week mark instead of three weeks).

Uneven shedding is generally not something your lash tech is able to prevent. Purchase a mask to protect your lashes and see if that helps your situation – if not, then try going for your infill sooner.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!