Getting Lash Extensions for Your Honeymoon

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We’ve all dreamt of having the perfect hair and makeup for our wedding day. Not a hair—and lash—out of place while we celebrate this monumental occasion with the people we love most.

Lash extensions can make you feel and look like a goddess, even weeks after your big day. We know that weddings and honeymoons can be whirlwind affairs, taking you to this place and that and giving you waves of emotion, whether you expect it or not. After all the dancing, walking, hugging, laughing, and crying, one thing’s for sure—with lash extensions, your eyes will still look fantastic, even after the big day.

Honeymoon Lash Extensions

Simplify your makeup

Lash extensions give you a convenient option to put on less makeup for your wedding and even for your honeymoon. You won’t need to put on and think about your mascara giving you panda eyes if you cry. You also won’t have to worry about makeup if you decide to take a dip in a pool during your honeymoon—lashes are semi-permanent and waterproof, after the initial 24-48 hours. With just a bit of upkeep, you won’t have to worry about your lashes falling off.

What’s more, you’ll wake up looking fresh and beautiful, as your lashes will emphasize your best features with minimal makeup.

The best time to get lash extensions

Lash extensions can last up to three weeks. If you get your lashes done three to four weeks before your wedding, you may want to schedule an appointment with your lash technician for any touch-ups and fill-ins. This depends on your natural lash cycle, lash upkeep, and your chosen lash set.

Eyelash Extensions for Honeymoon

At The Lash Spa, we’ll pamper you with our full range of professional services. Enjoy a serving of refreshing lychee iced tea and delicious nibbles while our team of experts consults with you. We’ll make sure that you’ll leave the spa feeling and looking your best. Our lash technicians do high-quality extensions in temperature and humidity-controlled rooms, allowing the lash adhesive to work quickly and properly.

High-quality means that you won’t have to worry about your lashes clumping together. You can also relax while having your lashes done in one of our three private treatment rooms, all while enjoying the sounds of tranquil spa music. We give you unparalleled service fit for a queen as your day as a bride draws closer.