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Eyelash extensions can be worn year-round, but did you know that they always look their best in Autumn? There’s a few reasons why, read on to find out why your eyelash extensions will look their best during the whimsical autumn season where the leaves are turning and the air starts to cool.

Firstly, the busy festive season of parties and events begin to wind down after December and by the time Autumn rolls around in March – sadly the festivities have officially come to an end. This is a bit of a blow for our social lives but our LASHES on the other hand are relieved to be going into a quiet time where they will be treated with a little more respect and care!

Think of it like this – Less parties equals less makeup being applied around the eye area such as top eyeliner, heavy eyeshadows and the sneaky swipe of mascara onto your lash extensions (don’t deny it!). This in turn requires less makeup remover and rubbing of the lashes…the side effect of this? Cleaner, healthier lashes that aren’t being disturbed by vigorous rubbing and product application.

At our luxury salon The Lash Spa on the Gold Coast Australia, we find that clients start retaining their eyelash extensions 30% longer during Autumn. Clients get into a steady routine around this time and find a good balance between work, social and their appointments.

Lash extensions for Autumn

Clients who usually leave everything including their eyelash extension appointments to the last minute suddenly begin booking two to three appointments in advance. It’s a strange phenomenon that we’ve pinpointed to be a seasonal change.

Another part of our Autumn lash client phenomenon is that clients use this time to have self-care makeovers. They keep on top of hair appointments, get their teeth whitened, take up hobbies and experiment with different lash styles. In Summer and the party season, clients tend to stick with what they know and are a little too nervous to change to a new eye shape (cat eye, doll eye, max volume etc). However, in Autumn they tend to take bolder risks and make changes. It’s so much for us lash artists as we love to try new looks for our clients!

If you’re struggling with eyelash extension retention in Autumn then there’s a few things that could be causing issues. The first issue that springs to mind is what is called ‘seasonal lash shedding’. The season your lashes shed generally depends on the individual and is usually in the warmer months (spring shedding is serious!).

However, Autumn shedding is also a thing. Our lashes can occasionally go through a rapid shedding phase which isn’t dictated by the season but the individual.

If you notice a lot of lash extensions falling out with baby lashes attached, it’s very likely you’re going through a shed. At The Lash Spa, we write appointment notes and try to track your shedding cycles. We’ll generally make note of how many baby lashes known as ‘anagen’ lashes are growing through. We can confirm a shed is in progress if there’s a lot of baby lashes.

If you are experiencing an Autumn lash shed, it usually only lasts one infill cycle and by time you come back post-shed appointment we’ll have a lot of healthy teenage lashes ready to have extensions applied.

Our favourite eyelash extension look for Autumn?

Wispy cat eye paired with fluffy laminated brows!

The combination of wispy cat eye with laminated brows is pure magic and will enhance your natural beauty like you’ve never seen before. Friends and family will notice you’ve had something done but won’t really be able to pinpoint exactly what it is. It’s a subtle yet utterly gorgeous transformation that suits most clients!

Tips for lash aftercare in Autumn:

Remember to keep any skin transformation products clear of the eyelash extensions. Even oil-free products such as micellar water can cause retention problems due to the propylene glycol contained in the product.

Eyelash extensions in Autumn

If you’re undergoing a little Autumn makeover yourself, here’s a few tips on what you can do to keep on top of your beauty routine:

  • Prebook all of your beauty appointments for the rest of the year. This seems a little crazy but imagine having every beauty appointment (hair, nails, lashes, brows, spray tans even dental appointments pre-booked). Life would be so much easier and nothing would be forgotten. You’ve got more time there so may as well put it to good use and save yourself the trouble later on
  • Consider an at-home teeth whitening kit for an instant lift to your smile!
  • Experiment with different lash styles and photograph them after your booking to compare. See what looks best on you day-to-day but also can be dressed up or down.
  • Try out brow lamination – if you’re too scared to jump right in you can use a little bit of hairspray or hair gel on a spoolie and comb your brow hairs in an upward direction to visualise the result.
  • Look after your skin with regular hydrating masks, light peels such as papaya enzymatic peel (we love Medik8 facials The Lash Spa
  • Keep on top of your fitness and use the quieter social calendar to invest in some self-care time.
  • Treat yourself by having a bubble bath on a Sunday night to mentally prepare for your week ahead. You’ll find it to be such a relaxing treat and will help you truly unwind.
  • Consider treating your natural eyelashes with a conditioner or growth serum to promote natural lash growth and health. Eyelash extensions can be used in conjunction with miracle lash serum Eyenvy (see our client results here)

Lash cleansing tips for Autumn:

Proper lash cleansing and aftercare is essential no matter what time of year it is. Clean lashes are the biggest factor in retaining your gorgeous eyelash extensions and it really doesn’t take much time at all to look after them.

We’ve gone into depth on proper cleaning and aftercare here.