How To Start Your Home Garden

Starting a garden is one of the most rewarding things you can do. You can start a vegetable garden, plant fragrant flowers, or both. However, you need different tools in order to make a success of your garden. But it can be difficult to know where to start, if you are new to gardening. Remember, gardening is not a tough job, if you break down the project into manageable steps. It will not be long before you see the fruits of your labour with colourful blooms, delicious flavours, and beautiful views. Cover the soil with a couple of inches of mulch to allow moisture in and to keep weeds out. By the way, you can enhance the looks of your garden by installing wooden garden furniture. We shall discuss about it in brief at the end of this article. Let us first discuss about the important tools required for your garden.

Gloves: They play an important role in keeping your hands clean while working with soil. Make sure that the gloves fit your hand properly. They should be durable without being bulky. The size of the gloves should be such that it covers your forearms too. It is best to purchase fabric-based gloves, as they are breathable and water resistant too.

Pruning shears: Basically, you will need pruning shears to cut stems and branches up to 2 cm in diameter. Never try to use this gadget on larger branches because you run this risk of damaging its blades. There are two different types available. The first (bypass shears) is like a scissor with curved blades, while the other (anvil shears) has a flat lower blade and a sharp upper blade. The latter is perfect for cutting dried out or dead branches.

Garden fork: Also known as graip, digging fork, or spading fork, the gardening fork is a gardening tool that consists of a handle with four short and sturdy tines. You will need it for lifting, loosening, and turning over soil in farming and gardening. You can also use it for raking up stones and weeds, landscaping, and aerating soil.

Hand trowel: The trowel consists of a small hand tool used for smoothing, applying, digging, or moving small amounts of particulate or viscous material such as soil. The design of this tool consists of a scooped shaped blade attached to a handle. It is somewhat like a miniature shovel, except that the blade is narrower and longer, proportionately.

Spade: The gardening spade is used loosen or dig the ground, or to break up lumps in the soil. It is one of the most important tools used in the garden along with the fork. Garden spades have a flat edge with slightly concave blades. Although you cannot use it for burrowing holes, it is perfect for marking a trench, edging your lawn, or cutting through sod.

Other important gardening tools include:Rake, Hoe, Garden hose with adjustable nozzle, Watering wand, Watering can, Wheelbarrow.

Include some wooden furniture to give an exclusive look to your garden. You can find them by searching online for wooden garden furniture. Folding chairs and tables are top favourites, as you can fold them and take them indoor in case the weather deteriorates.